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A Postcard to Heaven

a_postcard_to_heaven "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. " Isa. 55:8 NIV

How can we know where the testing times in our lives come from? Do they come from a loving God? Or do they come from the age-old deceiver? How can we tell the difference, and is there always eventual relief from the pain? When the Gethsemane experiences come to us - when circumstances bring sweat drops of blood - how do we find our way back to the mountaintop?

During the trials, each human finally submits to light or darkness. A man puts a gun to his head and prepares to pull the trigger. As his wife begs him to stop, a "dark and sinister altar call" is so inviting. Who is this man? A drug addict? A hopeless alcoholic? Is he hiding a secret that promises to be exposed to the whole, cruel world?

Duane Parrish was none of those people. Rather, as pastor of a vibrant church in Oregon, his reputation as an eloquent speaker had gained him a measure of notoriety - until emergency brain surgery tore from him all his gifts. No longer able to speak or write, this once-effective man of God now stood teetering on the edge of a black chasm.

In A Postcard to Heaven, Parrish points to that harrowing day in his office as the turning point in his life. Dropping the gun, he wept with his faithful wife and determined to see what God could do with a man seemingly left with nothing.


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CD - In The Midst Of It All



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In The Midst Of It All
By Duane & Violet Parrish

Songs on this album:
1. No Other Word For Grace But Amazing
2. He Grew The Tree
3. When He Was On The Cross
4. The Perfect Rose
5. Fairest Of Ten Thousand
6. Oh For A Thousand Tongues
7. It Is No Secret
8. In The Midst Of It All

CD - Pure Vanilla



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Pure Vanilla
By Duane Parrish

Songs on this album:
1. The Blood
2. For What Earthly Reason
3. In The Garden
4. Down From His Glory
5. Only Jesus Can Satisfy
6. The Love Of God
7. In Times Like These
8. I'd Rather Have Jesus
9. Holy Ground
10. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
11. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
12. Battle Hymn / America

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