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An Overcoming Ministry

A pastor for 17 years and now involved in full time evangelism, Duane Parrish has an intense burden for the church. "The obstacles congregations face — everyday — are creating numerous challenges for our pastors and church leadership. And, what many of us have known all along but were hesitant to admit is our pastors and church leaders face the same obstacles."

Duane's ministry is having significant impact with churches throughout North America. His sensitive spirit to the needs of pastors and church leaders, as well as congregations, is clearly apparent by the positive results which are demonstrated.

Duane's musical talent demonstrates the miraculous working of God in his life. Often accompanied by his wife, Violet, their anointed music — instrumentally and vocally — touches hearts and prepares them for the ministry of the Word.

The compassionate and constructive ministry of Duane is focused to bring congregations to an understanding of God's desire for them to overcome in every aspect of their lives.

What Other Leaders Are Saying

Charles T. Crabtree, President, Zion Bible College

"It has been my privilege to know Duane for many years. He is a classic before and after case. I must admit, I like the "after" Duane better. Perhaps I should explain.

Duane was a very talented and successful evangelist and pastor. His outstanding ability to communicate along with his unusual talent of the saxophone gave him access to many opportunities. Then came paralysis, delicate brain surgery, and years of painful and frustrating rehabilitation. But now, Duane is more than a successful, talented communicatory; he is an effective, compassionate man of God."

Dave Roever, Chairman, Roever Evangelistic Association

"Duane Parrish, a dear personal friend, has served faithfully in the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is one of the few people I have ever met that have suffered so greatly, endured so magnificently, and overcome with such victory.

He is energizing audiences. He mixes humor, tears, and deep soul searching in a perfect way. He is truly a great American with a love for missions."

Dr. Duane P. Durst, New York District Superintendent

"Duane is a pastor's evangelist. He comes to the church to encourage the saints who may be facing challenges and builds the hope of those who may be discouraged. My deep conviction is that Duane's ministry and testimony are needed in our churches.

I have recommended Duane to a number of pastor friends and occasionally one will say to me your credibility is on the line when he comes. Without exception, every pastor has indicated how thankful they were that Duane came and how their church was blessed."

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