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Hi I'm Duane Parrish, founder of Destined to Overcome Ministries and the 20/20 project, giving sight to the blind kids in Veitnam. I have just retunred from Veitnam and here is a story that I just had to share with you.

Let me tell you about a boy named Thinh (Tin). Thinh's father died of cancer when he was three years old, his mother abandoned him, leaving his grandparents to raise him. He had a tumor growing on the left eye and a cataract on the right eye. When Dr. Tuyet heard about him needing the operation she made arrangements to get him to Hospital #2. The operation was a success.

Now Thinh and Grandma had come to meet the one who had raised the money for the operation. When asked what Thinh's reaction was, after he could see, Thinh's Grandma said, with tears in her eyes, "for the first time, he was smiling, he smiles all the time now. He would cover one eye and take my hand and examine it." Now Thinh is in kindergarten, and able to see, thanks to the many donors that have given to the 20/20 project.

Would you give so a child could see? For a $150.00 you can give sight to a child. These are poor families who can't afford the surgery. The average wage is $250- $350 a year and that's why I'm asking you to give so kids like Thinh can see. Would you be apart of the 20/20 team?

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